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Hailo-8™, The World's Best Performing AI Processor for Edge Devices

The Hailo-8™ processor, featuring up to 26 tera-operations per second (TOPS), significantly outperforms all other edge processors. Its area and power efficiency is far superior to other leading solutions by a considerable order of magnitude – at a size smaller than a penny even including the required memory. With an architecture that takes advantage of the core properties of neural networks, edge devices can now run deep learning applications at full scale more efficiently, effectively, and sustainably than traditional solutions, while significantly lowering costs.
* References:
   NVIDIA AGX Xavier: https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/jetson-agx-xavier-dl-inference-benchmarks
   Google Edge TPU: https://coral.withgoogle.com/docs/edgetpu/benchmarks

** Edge TPU performance is measured for 224x224; Linearly extrapolated to 720p

Performing the same tasks as nvidia’s xavier agx, Hailo-8™ runs nn benchmarks (such as resnet-50)
consuming almost 20 times less power with 15 times better area efficiency.

Key Features

  • Proprietary novel structure-driven Data Flow architecture.
  • Holistic solution comprising HW and SW.
  • Unprecedented performance efficiency, enabling:
    • Processing of FHD stream in real-time (without down-sampling).
    • Low power consumption solution.
    • Higher power efficiency (3 TOPS/W).
  • Smaller size and lower solution cost.
  • Use as a standalone processor or as a co-processor.
  • Scalable performance via chip cascading.
  • Easy HW integration (no additional external memory).
  • Seamless integration with popular SW frameworks.
  • Automotive and Industrial grade solutions.

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